• ThermaSkirt - A True Radiant Heating Solution

    ThermaSkirt ® -
    A True Radiant Heating Solution

     ThermaSkirt frees up valuable wall space to enable the home owner to create a personal statement, and place features or furniture to the best and most dramatic effect. The most popular skirting for these areas is the sublime Urban LT... 

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  • Nothing is as Reliable As ThermaTwin

    Nothing is as Reliable As ThermaTwin

     Using a unique freeze tolerant, flexible and hygienically approved pipe inside the flat plate collector, the ThermaTwin panel takes the drinkable water from the domestic tank and returns it directly back to it, heated, up to 80°C... 

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  • Proven Energy & Space Saving Technology

    Proven Energy & Space Saving Technology

     We chose ThermaSkirt instead of Underfloor heating because of the speed with which it works. The ability to run the boiler at lower temperatures convinced us our decision to use ThermaSkirt was a good one... 
    Mr. Alan LittleHales

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  • ThermaTwin - Robust and reliable

    ThermaTwin -
    Robust and reliable

     At Bourneville Village Trust, we have over 200 panels installed, for over 5 years and have had great reports from the tenants. The solar thermal panels have given us no problems, and have been practically maintenance free. We can easily see us using more... 

    Mr. Hitesh Champaneri

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  • Safe & Secure with no sharp edges

    Safe & Secure with no sharp edges

     The 8" Regency OG profile perfectly suited the period look they were keen to retain, and the additional heat output of the larger profile helped with the performance of their 14kw heat pump. Oversized radiators would have destroyed the look of the house... 
    Mr. David Reynolds

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  • Thermatwin – An ideal off gas solution

    ThermaTwin -
    An ideal off gas solution

     ThermaTwin solar panels were fitted in December 2009 and have worked as efficiently and without incident as the day they were first fitted. These are beyond a doubt the best investment we have made... 
    Ms. Samantha Southam

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  • Let sleeping dogs lie…

    Let sleeping dogs lie...

     Shadow loves the heating system though. He definitely thinks its been put in for his benefit and has a favourite cosy spot in every room and can often be found gently toasting himself next to a bit of skirting board. We're really happy with it... 

    Sam & Tim

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What is ThermaSkirt? ThermaSkirt Radiant Skirting Heating
  • ThermaSkirt replaces skirting boards and radiators in one
  • True radiant heating solution like under floor heating
  • Available in a range of alternative profiles, finishes and colours
  • Works with conventional boilers and renewables such as Heat Pumps
  • Eligible for Green Deal & RHI Ready
What is ThermaTwin? ThermaTwin Solar Thermal Panels
  • ThermaTwin is a solar thermal panel that provides up to 70% of your annual domestic hot water for 'free'
  • Solar PV powered pumps & controls resulting in zero running costs
  • Freeze tolerant Panel eradicates the need for maintenance
  • Robust and reliable
  • Eligible for Green Deal & RHI Ready

About DiscreteHeat Co Ltd

Martin Wadsworth, James Cann, DiscreteHeat

Since we appeared on BBC's Dragons Den I am pleased to say that DiscreteHeat have now supplied over 10,000 domestic ThermaSkirt heating systems. Further more, the company has installed on many important and prestigious installations in the NHS, Schools, Care Homes and other public spaces around the world.

Featuring more and more on DIY & TV makeover programs has also helped DiscreteHeat's profile, whilst our involvement in the Governments Green Deal, Retrofit for the Future and the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme is an important milestone in DiscreteHeat's development.

As our reputation continues to rise and word spreads DiscreteHeat has started to generate business on a global scale, supplying ThermaSkirt heating systems to Western Europe, Australasia, South America and ever more frequently to the USA.

ThermaSkirt’s compatibility with renewables such as air & ground source, biomass and solar

thermal systems was recognised in 2012 when DiscreteHeat picked up the award for the most innovative product of the year at the National Heat Pump awards (beating Mitsubishi Electric who finished in 2nd place).

The two principal forms of room space heating - conventional radiators and under floor heating (UFH) - now have an established, dynamic and innovative alternative in ThermaSkirt.

More recently, DiscreteHeat's move into Solar Thermal manufacturing by the acquisition of the Solar Twin manufacturing facility - now marketed under the 'ThermaTwin' name - has seen DiscreteHeat's horizons broaden considerably. With over 3,000 of these PV powered panels installed across the UK, the efficiency, cost effectiveness and reliability of ThermaTwin in providing truly 'free' hot water is unrivalled.

Providing alternative, reliable and above all, energy efficient heating solutions is what DiscreteHeat is all about.

Martin Wadsworth
Managing Director
DiscreteHeat Co Ltd